La.Met has a state-of-the-art Engineering Division equipped with the most sophisticated machinery and instruments for the design (CAD/CAM 2D and 3D) and manufacturing of customised bespoke machined products in silver and other metals.

In this division our competent team of engineers will evaluate even the most complicated of bespoke requests. Please forward a file, technical drawing or photo in any known format for further evaluation.

We have a comprehensive range of mechanical and chemical production equipment at our disposal in the Engineering Division including:
- 3-axis CNC milling machines 36000 rev/minute, max. dimensions 600 x  1000mm.
- CNC turning machines max. dimensions 300 x 800mm.
- High precision spark-erosion equipment (minimum lacing 0,2mm).
- State-of-the-art brasing equipment for silver and other metals.