- Silver Trading
La.Met offers a comprehensive silver trading service. Please contact us at any time for an updated "spot" quotation or a price formula based on the LME end-of-morning daily fixing price.

- Clean and refineable scrap
La.Met is equipped with a state-of-the-art melting and electrolytic refining department. Clients can deliver all kinds of scrap to us for silver recovery: clean scrap from sheet/strip/shapes, scrap containing solder, scrap from silver-filled Ag/Cu, scrap from coupled bimetal Ag/Al sheets, refineable scrap, sweeps, lemels, industrial waste etc.

- Payment for scrap/discontinued scrap
La.Met offers a financial service whereby we can can purchase the silver content from scrap or discontinued items (flatware, jewellery etc) sent to us. We offer excellent conditions and immediate pay-out. Please contact us for a quote.