La.Met is equipped with a specialised electro-plating division which offers a professional service for the surface finish of jewellery, tableware and industrial components.

We have three state-of-the-art rack plating systems at our disposal: two automatic systems with PLC control for large production runs and one high-precision manual system ideal for smaller production batches and complex items. The maximum workpiece size is 2000 x 500 x 1000(h) mm.

The following plating services are available for items in silver, nickel-silver, copper, brass and iron:

-          Silver plating (flash or thick, matt, oxidised or bright finish)
-          Copper plating (thick, bright finish)
-          Nickel plating (thick, bright finish)
-          Gold plating in various colours (flash or thick, matt or bright finish)
-          Rhodium plating (flash or thick, bright finish)
-          Anti-tarnish treatment (chromium-free) for silver
-          Transparent varnishing

Our competent technical support team is happy to evaluate specific plating requests. They are also at your disposal to study personalised rack systems to optimise the plating results for even the most complicated of designs.