Located in Padua (Italy), La.Met was founded in 1992 and very rapidly established itself as a reputed supplier of semi-finished items for the production of silver cutlery, hollow-ware and jewellery. Today La.Met is recognised internationally as a leading manufacturer of sheets, coils/strips, wires, anodes and many other semi-finished formats in various silver alloys.

The company has built its reputation on the highest possible quality standards, constant quality control, prompt delivery times and competitive pricing. Thanks to these core values, La.Met has developed a comprehensive sales-network within the silversmithing and jewellery sectors, both domestically in Italy and abroad.

In 2011 La.Met registered a new commercial trade-mark AgTech: Your Silver Specialist

This new brand is the culmination of a strategic move that the company implemented a few years earlier. A large proportion of the company’s human resources and R&D budget has been dedicated to the development of specific silver products for industrial applications.

La.Met offers a full service for the melting, assaying and refining of all kinds of silver scrap, lemel and sweeps.

La.Met’s quality and production procedures have been successfully certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 International Standards.

La.Met is passionate about silver, a “precious” metal in every sense. During our long history we have forged silver into the most varied of shapes, sizes and purities for applications in several industries: from silversmithing and jewellery, to the medical, anti-bacterial, photovoltaic, electric, electronic, automobile and military fields. Our mission is to spread the global awareness of the infinite properties of this unique metal and to accept new business opportunities that create more ambitious projects for silver.